Friday, December 21, 2012

So Much for Doomsday

So, the world didn’t end yesterday. Or it did? I survived the 2012 phenomenon—we survived the apocalypse—did we really survive the end of days? Did we survive or did we not? Did we not survive since there was no end of times to survive from in the first place? 

The intricate design would look good on a biscuit. 
Who can say the world ended yesterday? Who can say it didn’t? What proof do we have of the world’s demise or non-demise? 

Did the world end or not? I don’t know. For all we know, we could either be a new set of humans with the memories of our old selves—the ones who died during the apocalypse—living in a new Earth—an Earth created very similar to our old one. Or we could be our old selves, saved from the brink, and kept in an exact imitation of our old Earth and universe. Or we could be our old selves, saved from the brink, and kept in a very realistic simulation of our old Earth and universe. 

Did the world end or not?  Who knows? Perhaps the world did end and our memories of the tremors, of the rain of fire, of the giant waves, of the asteroids and of our deaths have been wiped out clean. 

Did the world end or not? It’s up to me and you. We could have survived the end of the world or narrowly missed one. You could have survived your apocalypses, I could have survived—counting Y2K, last year’s apocalypse and the other predicted apocalypses not as popular as yesterday's—my nth and perhaps my last doomsday. 

Did the world really end or not? Did the Mayas wrongfully predict the end of days? Was the world supposed to end on 12 December 2012 or not? How was the world supposed to end?

The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and the Tardis
Did the world really end yesterday? Maybe it did or maybe it didn’t. Maybe we were saved—maybe the Doctor came via TARDIS and saved us. LOL

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