Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gyōten Ningen Batseelor

Gyōten Ningen Batseelor is one of my favorite animé series. I used to watch Captain Fatz, as it was known in the Philippines, in the local channel at around 8 in the morning on weekends—back in 2001. I watched the animé religiously, I never skipped an episode. Sadly, I wasn’t able to watch it until the end of the series.

One Saturday morning, I woke up and found another animé has taken over my favorite series’ timeslot. At that time, I wasn’t sure if the animated series was moved to another timeslot or if my local network stopped airing it—I also thought that the series was unfinished; perhaps it was cancelled in Japan due to poor ratings.

After it stopped airing, I have been looking for ways to finish the series, but to no avail. I don’t know why Captain Fatz is so hard to find. The internet has very little information on the series. Animé websites like the Anime News Network and the Anime Web Turnpike has little or no information of the series at all. You can’t even find it in the illegal streaming sites. The only substantial information you can get about Gyōten Ningen Batseelor is found in Wikipedia and in other fan sites that copied the article from the free encyclopedia.

There is even no information about the manga from which the animated series was based. 

What is this animé about? Gyōten Ningen Batseelor otherwise known as Captain Fatz and the Seamorphs, is a Japanese animé that originally aired in Japan from April 7, 2001 until March 30, 2002.  The series was created by Itaru Ueda based on the manga of the same title by Fumiaki Tatesako.

The series follows Jan Zaruko, a female warrior from the land of light, who is tasked by the Priestess of Light to collect the peace stones. There are eight stones representing each of the elements of Light, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Metal, Darkness, and Wood. The stones keep the balance of power in the world; each of the stone’s power can be harnessed by a chosen one to transform in to a powerful elemental warrior. Jan Zaruko is the elemental warrior of light.

During her travels, Jan bumps in to Gay and her sidekick Gorgo-girl. Gay curses Jan Zaruko, transforming her in to the anthromorphic monkey Jan Zaru. She meets the Captain Fatz—the gluttonous captain of the Seahorse, originally a handsome masculine pirate turned fat by Gay—and his crew. Together they sail around the world to thwart Gay’s evil plans.

I really don’t know how the series ended. I was only able to watch up until the part where Gay, sort of, reformed his ways and dragons—originally the peace stones—rose to bring chaos to the world. I just hope I to get to watch the rest of Gyōten Ningen Batseelor and finish the series very soon. 

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