Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It was my First

While lazing around yesterday afternoon, my tongue accidentally hit a bad tooth - a molar. It made a little cracking sound so I tried moving it with my index finger. For some time I was in front of the mirror with my mouth open and my finger plugged inside. In a few minutes, I successfully extracted the tooth with my bare hands. Guess, I don’t need a dentist after all.

Talking about a tooth, I remember, back at work, when I once had a talk with my co-workers about teeth and dentists. The girl and the guy on both sides of my table just got their Maxicare and Affinity cards at that time. I asked the girl if a tooth extraction is covered by the Affinity card. She said yes and we talked until to the part where she said that her mom was afraid of taking her to the dentist and that, unlike her mom, she encourages her kids to see the dentist. I told her that I haven’t been to the dentist and that I’m scared of dentists. I also told her that I haven’t got my teeth extracted by a tooth specialist and that I extract them with my bare hands. I pretty much enjoyed our conversation that day. I was too late to notice that the girl was grossed out of our talk. She asked to shift to another topic. Extracting my teeth with my manos was too brutal for her and that it reminded her of the Saw films.

It never occurred to me that I was very cruel to my self when I extract my teeth. In fact I very much enjoy it. It feels good after I extract them. It’s like an achievement. The tooth I extracted yesterday was another achievement. It was my first time to extract a molar.

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