Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yesterday or One with the Joes

While most people yesterday were either glued to their television sets watching Her Excellency's 9th and last State of the Nation Address or were out on the streets making a lot of noise, I was out but not on the streets but rather I was in a hospital for a health check. I've been sick since Saturday morning. I was at work at the time when I noticed my throat a little sore. I usually don't consult a doctor for minor cases like sore throat. Yesterday was a different thing. I opted to talk to a doctor 'cause, though I make it a joke, I was in fear or if not a little paranoid that I may have contracted swine flu. Paranoid? Who won't be? Based on the things I've read about the pandemic, I have all the symptoms except emesis or vomiting or throwing up or call it as you may.

It turned out not that alarming after all. It was just the chronic sore throat that we contract every now and then. At the hospital, my throat was no longer inflamed and the doctor just gave me prescriptions for the cough and an antibiotic for the little soreness that I was still feeling up to now. After that short interview with the doctor, I was off and not forgetting my medical certificate.

From the hospital, I went straight to the mall. With no intent of buying anything yesterday, I browsed around like an expert window shopper. When I chanced upon the green falcon shirt in the teens department, I was very much tempted to buy. The joe in me just went out and bought the shirt. While fitting the shirt on, I chanced upon a Hot Rod aka Rodimus Prime shirt on the same department. The G.I. Joe in me just turned in to a Transformer, an autobot, and bought the shirt. Though I am no longer classified a teen, I would still fit in a medium-sized teeners shirt. Instead of one, I bought two tees yesterday. Spent around 600 bucks, so much for being thrifty and saving up.

I don't regret having bought the shirts. It was a good purchase. Best of all, I now have a shirt I could wear proudly on August 7th when I watch G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Now I could say, 'I am one with the Joes.'

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